Instatagram N Efoxcity

Some of the pics that I've uploaded to insta 
For more, follow me there (paulapastrana)
Luv this snake ring from EFOXCITY  (Click here for more info about it)
And if I haven't mentioned it before they also have many cool stuff for MEN at attainable prices, such as men's outerwear  and men's pants
U can also check their wholesale brooches, there are lots of great brooches waiting there for you, like    this one that you can see in previous posts of the blog (one of my faves haha)
There you have their Pinterest and facebook's page
So remember -> Efoxcity !!check it n share with ur friends i u want

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Becky P dijo...

Since I'm following you on instagram, these pictures are familiar to me, but I like all of them xx


Vero dijo...

omg I love your taste, you're sooo inspiring, thank you for commenting so that I found your blog, it's a new favourite to me I guess♥

Laura Rockbell dijo...

Cuántos pendientes idealísimos de la muerte :O

Milex dijo...


Florence dijo...

Beautiful ring! I love all your bracelets too! x

likerose dijo...

cool !
follow each other on google and bloglovin ?:)

The Gossip Eye dijo...

Ooooh! La caravana <333

Qué chulas las dilataciones :D
Y ya veo que tú también eres chica de bici, yo igual ^^

Qué pena que en mi móvil no me pueda descargar Instagram ¬¬


Maria Garcia Hernandez dijo...

Me encantan las fotos!

HoneyBunny dijo...

Fun photos!

Rand T dijo...

LOVE the snake ring!

Lucie Srbová dijo...

Fantastic pics! love those sunnies!!

Style Without Limits

JustCleo dijo...

I love efoxcity!!<3